All Kinds of Bricks You Will See by Fencing Company Austin TX

All Kinds of Bricks You Will See by Fencing Company Austin TX

Naturally, any fencing company Austin TX will know about the different kinds of bricks for your fences. The collection of the bricks model is a lot. So, you may feel puzzled about picking anyone from them. It depends on the technology of the manufacturer. The differences are seen because of the toughness, water absorption, frost resistance, texture, and color.


From red clay, we get ceramics. In two ways, the bricks are produced- plastic molding and semi-dry pressing. The ultimate tensile strength of the concrete is equal to 175 kg / cm2. It is very high strength. The frost resistance of concrete is 50 cycles. Besides, the moisture absorption coefficient is 7 percent.


You will have so many shades of clinker. But the mortar utilized has to be costly. The clinker’s ultimate tensile strength is 500 kg/cm2. Also, the moisture absorption coefficient is 7 percent.


Silicate can highly absorb moisture, and it can go up to 12 percent. The tensile strength is 250kg/cm2. Besides, any mold is not used to shape it. It is produced from mineral fillers, quartz, and lime. Also, the frost resistance cycle is 60.

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Hyper pressed

The hyper-pressed mold is compacted with raw materials Where all the materials connect. You will find the base colors, cement, and the mineral fillers like marble, limestone, screenings, shell rock, etc. Their shape varieties are also available in a lot of models. The water absorption rate of hyper pressed is 7 percent, and its tensile strength is 300-400 kg / cm2. Also, the frost resistance cycle is 70. You may not like one thing about them. The cost is very high.

Different Kinds of Bricks to Face Pillars

Some bricks are decorative. Using these decorative bricks, you can create an ornamental fence, arch, pillar, etc. Their texture is like natural marble, rock, wood, etc. It can provide you with the effect of old, harsh surfaces of glass.

Chipped And Rusticated Bricks

These brick bases are made from silicate or hyper-pressed products like quartz sand, limestone, cement, marble, shell rock, etc. Of course, they have different shades of color too. The extra bonder chips and spoon are put into effect on the machine to bring the look of a torn surface. The bevels and longitudinal sections create a wavy look or wrinkles.

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Mineral chips are used outside the material to produce the shotcrete bricks. Then comes the firing of the brick. The outer part of your fence made with shotcrete will create a lot of dust. It becomes problematic to clean the bricks.


The engobing bricks are given a coat of 1 mm liquid ceramic. It is either poured or sprayed. After that, the bricks are put into the fire. From the interference of the engobe, the old masonry looks like bricks are created with a huge color variety. The coating of the engobe is very delicate. So, it can chip or scratch anytime. Some people use them or their fences. But they are very rare.

Figured Bricks

The figured bricks can produce a lot of curvy bricks. Moreover, you can get any shape in some bricks, like a corner with a 3D ornamental effect. You can use the figured brick to build columns, arches, etc. You may also use the radial bricks for your fence construction. These bricks are not only safe but an excellent thing for the rounded columns also.

But there are also forms like ribs, twisted, teardrop-shaped, trapezoidal, wedge-shaped, etc. These shaped bricks can work as the foundation of the fence facade as a part of your columns or inserts. You will always find different building materials with different textures like engobed, embossed, shotcrete, glazed, etc.

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Final Thoughts 

Brick fence installation Austin needs to consider many things. Like the texture, color, shape, etc., are available when you try to select one among so many variations. To make your fence look beautiful as per your choice will give it the structure you want!

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